Saturday, October 1

The latest from LG is a reclining throne with a huge curved OLED screen to set up a minicine at home

The CES 2022 It promises to be an event full of surprises and interesting announcements, but also full of the most curious inventions. For example, and without further ado, at last CES 2021 we saw a Razer gaming chair with a 60-inch OLED screen that unrolls automatically, roll-up screens from TCL and LG’s first roll-up mobile (which will never be), among other things.

It is more than likely that during CES 2022 companies will showcase new and peculiar products and LG Display has already come on the scene to announce its: a reclining throne with a huge curved OLED screen with which to set up a minicine at home.

My TV, my chair and my movie

The “Media Chair”, as LG has christened it, is a concept and not a product designed for the end consumer. However, from LG they have indicated that they are working with a Korean company of massage chairs to bring them to the market, although we will have to see how the final product turns out and what markets it reaches, if it finally materializes.

The CES accuses the advance of the new wave: Amazon, Meta and Twitter, among others, fall from the event due to the increase in infections

LG describes this peculiar product as a “modern relaxation device”. Integrate a 55-inch OLED screen with a 1500R radius bend (1.5 meter bend radius), as well as a CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) sound system. This technology, simply put, makes the screen vibrate and produce sound without the need for external speakers.

Lg Display Media Chair At Ces 2022 3 0

The throne is fully reclining And, since the TV is integrated into the module itself, when we recline the seat, the TV moves with us. That way, it is always in our field of vision. In turn, it should be noted that TV can pivot from vertical to horizontal position at the push of a button.

Lg Display Virtual Ride At Ces 2022 5

The other device that the Korean company has presented is Virtual Ride, a kind of exercise bike of the future with three OLED panels joined in one that create a huge curved screen. This extends throughout the user’s field of vision, and even over his head, and its objective is that the user can exercise in a more immersive way.

Via | The Verge