Wednesday, November 29

The latest from Opera is a web3 browser with a cryptocurrency wallet

It is impossible that, if you live connected in the world that we have had to live in, you have not heard, seen or read in recent months news about cryptocurrencies, NFT or the metaverse. The new fashions that have all the earmarks that they are going to be part of the future, although many are not clear in what role: whether as protagonists or as simple anecdotes and curiosities.

Thus, the important thing about what is hidden behind cryptocurrencies and NFTs is not so much the currencies and objects that are already being traded as the technology behind it, that blockchain which is still far from apps and needs that we have as users on a daily basis. Although Opera, which already invented tabs in web browsers, has taken a step forward to put in our hand a browser with cryptocurrency wallet and all.

Web3, the key to Opera Crypto

To summarize a lot,he call Web3 is nothing but the evolution of the internet that we use every day. Let’s say that Web1 was that of the links, that of the links; the Web2 of the likes, that is, that of social networks; and Web3 will be that of the tokens, that of trade with completely digital goods within completely virtual universes and environments. Hence the importance of having a specifically dedicated browser.

The new browser will allow us to manage our cryptocurrencies.

Crypto, from Opera, takes care of precisely that, not only letting us browse a typical internet page, or visit a social network, but also manage those goods that we can acquire thanks to the dApps, to store them safely both on our mobiles (only Android at the moment) and on Windows PCs or Apple Macs.

Opera, however, has already experimented with a browser with wallet of cryptocurrencies four years ago but now the Crypto project goes a little further. That is why “starting today, we are inviting the community of blockchain To join. If we are going to take Web3 beyond big ideas, we need to create products that embrace both crypto enthusiasts who understand the space and those who are just starting out and want to explore it. We believe that the world of blockchain you need a completely dedicated browsing experience“.

Opera Crypto Browser Project “is designed specifically to work with a variety of decentralized applications […] as well as to provide deeper functionality than a traditional browser that has a basic web wallet plugin”. In this way, it combines the old concepts of Web 1 and 2 with that third version that is still coming. If you want to try it you can download it from this link (bottom of page).