Monday, March 20

The latest from Samsung are tuppers shaped like Tetris pieces to “fit” into your fridge

The inside of the refrigerator is one of the least fun places in the house. To change this idea – and with the main objective of helping reduce food waste -, Samsung has teamed up with Tetris to create a cute organization set.

The company explains that Samsung Stackers is the first kitchen utensil to preserve food of this type. The design contemplates the siete known forms of tetrominoes from Tetris with their respective colors (light blue, yellow, purple, green, blue, red and orange).

Color, nostalgia and fun inside your fridge

If you are a fan of Tetris or just looking for a creative way to organize your food and reduce waste, these tuppers may be for you. The nostalgia of those days when you spent hours playing games of the video game will be just a few steps away, that is, inside your refrigerator.

The limited edition set is available in several European countries, including Spain, at a price of 25 euros. Samsung explains that all profits will go to the European Federation of Food Banks, an organization committed to preventing food waste.

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