Wednesday, January 19

The latest Instagram sensation is a cat with four ears | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest Instagram sensation is Midas, a little cat who was rescued from the streets of Ankara, Turkey.

When the pet was adopted by the Desemeci family, they soon realized that there was something strange about the new member, particularly in her face where the kitten had four ears.

Of course, this was not an impediment for people to end up adopting the kitten, which quickly became a true phenomenon on the Instagram social network.

On his first visit to the vet, the new owners of the animal learned that these four ears are functional and allow Midas to hear normally, just as any living thing would.

At the moment, the only drawback that having more ears has brought him is that his jaw cannot close normally. For this reason, in Instagram photos you can see the kitten almost always with her tongue out.

Unsurprisingly, many people have been moved by this story, which has helped raise Midas’ fame on social media.

Despite the fact that her account was created only a few weeks ago, the kitten already has more than 127 thousand followers.

In the photos and videos published you can see the little cat enjoying her new family, of which a friendly dog ​​is also part and who appears as Midas’ best companion.

Reuters has shared a video where you can appreciate more of this tender story.

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