Tuesday, October 19

The lava from the La Palma volcano has already destroyed 946 buildings, 66 in the last day

The number of buildings destroyed by the lava from the new La Palma volcano since the beginning of its eruption on September 19 rises to 946, in addition to another 128 possibly affected, according to the latest update of the European satellite system for terrestrial monitoring Copernicus.

Two weeks without respite on La Palma at the mercy of an unpredictable volcano

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This means that in 24 hours, constructions have increased by 66, mostly homes, but also implement rooms, warehouses and other facilities, destroyed by the advance of the wash.

The area covered by lava also continues to increase, which according to figures updated at dawn this Sunday is 397.5 hectares, as well as the extent of the ashes, reaching 4,819 hectares.

The number of kilometers of roads affected amounts to 33.2, of which 30.7 have been destroyed by the passage of lava.


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