Wednesday, October 27

The lava from the La Palma volcano releases a toxic cloud by devouring the plastics and fertilizers from several greenhouses with banana trees

The lava from the La Palma volcano, which advances towards the sea on the coast of Tazacorte, has entered the banana plantation area and has burned plastics from greenhouses and fertilizers, creating a Toxic cloud, already diluted, that has not caused harm or danger to people since it has remained within the exclusion zone.

The technical director of the Canary Islands Emergency Plan (Pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has reported in the press conference that he offers punctually every day to report the last hour of the eruption that this toxic cloud, in which there was ammonia and Boron trichloride, among other components that have been analyzed by the Military Emergency Unit (UME), forced the evacuation of people who were in the vicinity who had been authorized to remove belongings and perishable products.

The lava of the last hours that the volcano has thrown since it reactivated on Monday afternoon, has followed the previous flows, although it had a significant widening, and it is still unknown if it will reach the sea or, if so that is, when will it occur.

The technical director of Pevolca has indicated that the episode recorded with “the small” toxic cloud can be repeated due to the material that can burn the lava but has insisted that it will not be affected beyond the exclusion zone.

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