Sunday, May 15

The leader of the ultra Bastión Frontal organization arrested in Madrid for a brutal beating of a member of the group

Agents of the National Police have arrested the current leader of the Bastión Frontal organization in Madrid, accused of a crime of injury, aggravated by treachery, for brutally beating a member of this same organization in Valencia on January 15 in Valencia , during a conference held by this emerging far-right movement.

The Police place the two involved in the attack on the Podemos headquarters in the group led by the extreme right in Murcia

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The victim suffered, among other injuries, a broken jaw, the result of an attack from behind, losing consciousness at that time and thus avoiding any possibility of defense, as reported by the National Police.

The operation has been carried out by the General Information Police Station and the Provincial Information Brigades of Madrid and Valencia. The arrest took place this Thursday morning in the Madrid neighborhood of Villaverde.

In turn, agents have arrested another person in Valencia, for his alleged relationship with these events, preventing other people from helping the attacked person. The investigators analyzed the recordings, keys to support the accusations. In addition, a third individual is being investigated for these same facts.

The main detainee has already made himself available to the head of the Investigating Court number 8 of Madrid, who ordered his entry into prison. “The detainee is considered the top leader of this emerging movement, being a regular at events and conferences in which the slogans and addresses of the organization are disclosed,” according to the Police.

The National Police considers Bastion Frontal as “an organization of a political nature, unregistered, with a radical ideology.” This organization gained notoriety last May due to the protests held in front of the Moroccan Embassy in Madrid, during which several members of the organization attacked the deployed police force. The incidents resulted in five arrests.

Under the spotlight of the Prosecutor’s Office

In November, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against Bastión Frontal, specifically against María Isabel Medina Peralta, for the alleged commission of a hate crime during that mobilization in front of the Moroccan legation. That day some 300 people gathered to charge against the “passivity” of the central government in the face of the migration crisis for causing the irregular entry of more than 8,000 Moroccans into Ceuta.

Other slogans such as ‘Christian and non-Muslim Spain’ were shouted at the rally. At the same time, those present displayed the group’s own flags and unfurled two banners containing expressions such as ‘Neither the King nor the Government nor the EU will stop Moroccan expansionism’ and ‘Mohamed VI remove your dirty hands from our land. Spain’.