Wednesday, December 7

The leader of Vox in Murcia plays an audio of Ortega Smith in the Assembly to prove his climate change thesis

The councilor and spokesperson for Podemos in the Murcia City Council, Ginés Ruiz Maciá, has accused Vox this Thursday of lying and “inventing data” about climate change after the leader of the far-right formation in the region, José Ángel Antelo, use an audio of Javier Ortega Smith in the Assembly to demonstrate the truth that Spain “is one of the countries of the European Union with the lowest energy consumption per household”.

In that recording Ortega Smith, general secretary of Vox, assures that the source of these data is the European Union, but the party has not presented any report in this regard or specific data to support that information.

“This describes very well what they usually do: Vox makes up the data, I question the data, it ‘shows’ me the veracity of the data by putting on an audio of Ortega Smith saying the same thing as him. I put an audio of mine (I couldn’t resist) ”, the Podemos councilor wrote on his Twitter profile.

In the audio, Ortega Smith says that “China and the US pollute much more” and that “Spain is one of the EU countries with the lowest energy consumption per household, and therefore, with greater efficiency in consumption”, to later add that These data have been provided by the European Union itself.

Antelo, however, does not provide more information in the Assembly and only plays that recording through his mobile. “His information about him has not convinced me very much”, Ruiz Maciá told him ironically, “although I also tell him that I am a bit closed with his ideas”, he continued with a laugh.

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