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The leadership of the municipal civil service of València in the Rita Barberá stage, investigated for urban corruption in the Azud case

Several areas of the Valencia City Council are under the scrutiny of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, which has had to go several times to the municipal offices of Tabacalera due to the alleged obstacles to access the documentation corresponding to urban actions of the time of Rita Barberá in the framework of the Azud case. In it, the payment of bribes by various businessmen in exchange for awards related to urban projects between 2005 and 2011 is investigated.

Municipal sources assure, however, that the collaboration with the agents is total and that the required files related to the adjudications of homes and plots have been delivered at all times to the alleged leader of the plot, the promoter Jaime Febrer.

Researchers have focused on Heritage and Planning (urban management), according to union sources. Among the many officials investigated in the ‘Azud case’ stands out a history of the council, a high official very close to former mayor Rita Barberá, who has remained as head of the service.

After the victory of the left in 2015, those responsible for the Urban Planning area of ​​the Valencia City Council, in the hands of the PSPV-PSOE, and Heritage, in the hands of Compromís, have retained almost all the heads of service of the long stage of Rita Barberá at the head of the Consistory, according to an official who knows the municipal interiors well.

Municipal sources argue in this regard that the officials have a position and that their alleged connection to the case is also recent, so that in addition to the presumption of innocence, their jobs do not depend on changes in political color at the head of the City Council. .

As reported by the newspaper Lift-EMVUp to 40 officials, mostly from these areas, would be called to testify to the 13th Instruction Court of València as investigated.

In addition, last Tuesday, July 13, the former subdelegate of the Government in the province of Valencia, the socialist Rafael Rubio, as well as Febrer, after two months in provisional prison.

In total, in this procedure, the second phase of Azud, there were five people in provisional prison. After the departure of Rubio and Febrer, the former vice mayor of Valencia with the PP, Alfonso Grau, remains in jail. Two weeks ago, the court released businessmen Mónica Montoro and Joaquín Pastor, because there was no longer any risk of destruction of evidence.

In this case, declared secret, crimes of prevarication, bribery, document falsification, money laundering, influence peddling, illicit association and criminal group are investigated in the time of Rita Barberá as mayor.

Rubio, who was also a provincial deputy and socialist spokesman in the Valencia City Council, and Grau, of the PP, are accused of charging bribes in exchange for infrastructure awards. Specifically, Grau could have taken a million euros and Rubio, another 300,000.

Another of the detainees who allegedly played a prominent role in the plot was the head of Divalterra’s legal services, José Luis Vera, since he apparently mediated between the politicians and one of the arrested businessmen, the builder Jaime Febrer, who was located In ibiza.

In addition, the UCO agents arrested another 10 people, including Grau’s daughter, the former mayor of Xixona and a former councilor from that Alicante municipality.

In the first phase of the procedure, the lawyer José María Corbín, Rita Barberá’s brother-in-law, and the lawyer Diego Elum were arrested, although later both were released with measures. Along with them, Corbín’s wife and daughters appear as investigated.

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