Thursday, December 1

The left demands Ayuso not to boycott a new investigation into residences: “It would be a scandal”

More Madrid, PSOE and United We Can have presented this Thursday in the Assembly a new commission of investigation on deaths in residences during the worst of the pandemic. “It is something that we owe not only to the families and the victims, but to all of society”, expressed the leader of the opposition, Mónica García, in a joint appearance with the socialist Juan Lobato and the UP spokeswoman, Alejandra Jacinto , in which they have demanded that the regional chamber table, in the hands of the PP, not boycott the initiative, as has happened on other occasions. “It would be a scandal,” they agreed.

The Ayuso Government says that the deaths in the residences could not be avoided and that the families have already “overcome” them

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“In the table [el PP] it has an absolute majority that it does not have at the polls or in the plenary session”, Lobato has disfigured, who has accused this body of “blocking and boycotting a debate that the plenary session should have”. The Board of the Assembly is an administrative body that “what it has to do is make room for initiatives” but that is dedicated “to boycott all those that have to do with residences”, García agreed. The latest has been the proposal to disapprove Vice President Enrique Ossorio for his statements that the families of the victims had already overcome those deaths.

The objective of the investigation commission, which the three parties have presented, is to “clarify what happened in nursing homes during COVID” and that “families can learn the truth,” explained Jacinto. The spokeswoman for United We Can had read to Isabel Díaz Ayuso an excerpt from a letter from the daughter of one of the more than 7,000 deaths in these Madrid centers during the pandemic. “Then I am going to ask you for the contact information of this person,” the president replied when she handed him the letter, and then accused: “You are about to say that the virus was conceived in a clandestine laboratory in the Puerta del Sun”.

Both from the popular parliamentary group and from the Government itself are now insisting on conveying that this investigation commission has electoralist overtones. “The legislature ends in March”, the spokesman in the Assembly, Pedro Muñoz Abrines, has come to express in relation to the few works that could be carried out in it. “We have been trying to make known what happened in the residences since the beginning of the legislature,” Lobato defended from the plenary in a speech in which he demanded that Ayuso, “out of decency, apologize.” “In four months there would be time to call all those who were involved to appear,” Garcia countered. Also to those political positions with responsibilities. “There were political orders that made the elderly die in an undignified way,” lamented the spokeswoman for Más Madrid.

The president faced this Thursday with all the spokespersons on behalf of the residences. Vox was unsightly for not having submitted any questions about residences until now. “I don’t know why when there are four months left before parliamentary activity ends, you have begun to give me lessons in humanity. But I have reviewed and I have seen how many questions you have asked me about residences in this plenary session since I am president of the Community: zero. So, therefore, I don’t know who lacks humanity, ”she snapped at the far-right spokeswoman, Rocío Monasterio. This parliamentary group registered a motion last week, which it later withdrew, but for which the PP accused them of playing into the hands of the “far left.” From the formation they point out that they have presented 282 initiatives, but throughout the legislature they have aligned themselves with the popular ones to knock down, among other things, that the protocols that prevented the transfer of the elderly from residences to hospitals be investigated.

“Pablo Iglesias should come”

“Only a guilty person can dedicate himself to boycotting this commission and only an accomplice can allow it,” Jacinto insisted. And it has been precisely the leader of Podemos who has defended that the former Vice President of the Government go to the commission, if it goes ahead. “Yes, I think Pablo Iglesias should come, to clarify what Mrs. Ayuso says one day and the next day she retracts. We have seen here today how two days ago he said that he had [la presidenta] the sole command and today he went back on saying himself. I think it is necessary to clarify the truth”, he responded to questions from journalists.

Ayuso had insisted in the plenary session that Iglesias “took command of the residences throughout Spain” and that she did so of her “councils”. “For the manipulators of my words,” she assured from her seat, despite the fact that no one from his government has yet been able to present an Official State Gazette in which the central government assumed the management of these centers.