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The Lego McLaren sold out faster than a Formula 1 | Digital Trends Spanish

It will not have left the Formula 1 pit lane, but it is as if it were. The McLaren developed by the team and lego-technic it’s an exquisite little feat of engineering made up of 1,432 parts, including a V6 engine with moving pistons, differential, suspension and steering.

It was the team’s own drivers, the British Lando Norris and the Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who were in charge of uncovering the car. With the expectation to the fullest of the fans, in the prelude to the 2022 season of the greatest motorsport series, the product sold out of the virtual stores within a few hours.

The vehicle is 5.0 inches (13 cm) high, 25.5 (65 cm) long and 10.5 (27 cm) wide. “It’s an F1 car my size,” said the ocean steering wheel as soon as his partner revealed it. “Indeed, it is a beautiful car,” replied the other athlete.

Ricciardo was amazed at the monoposto’s active suspension. “It looks nice to drive. And if you go backwards, you see that the engine is there”, added Norris. “Current Lego sets are much more advanced than they were 25 years ago when I was a kid,” he lamented.

Another much-celebrated discovery by racers was the moveable rear wing, known as DRS for Drag Reduction System. “This is advanced engineering,” said the Bristol midfielder.

The box includes a detailed guide to assemble the model, which Ricciardo estimated in six weeks, as well as stickers from the team’s sponsors, to make it look like the one that debuts in Bahrain on March 20.

The Danish manufacturer assured that all the parts of the toy meet rigorous quality standards. “Components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to ensure they meet the highest global safety standards,” he said.

McLaren’s new pit gem retails for $255. At the closing of this note, it was still out of stock.

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