Sunday, December 10

The Liaison Table requests that Congress debate the legitimacy of the withholdings



“On December 31st, the term established in the Public Emergency Law that delegated to the President of the Nation to regulate the aliquots of export duties expired. The non-sanction of Budget Law 2022, which included a 2-year extension of that power, also makes Decree 851/21 null of December 15 last set the tax rates for this year”, argued the Liaison Table. Consequently, they exhorted “the national authorities and the political forces to assume their obligations and resolve this situation urgently.”

The agricultural sector requested that this issue be discussed during the extraordinary sessions that the national government would convene. “At times like this, where drought and fires are causing losses in several provinces, This type of rigid taxation puts many producers in check who still do not know if they are going to save costs”, warned the representatives of agriculture.