Tuesday, September 28

The lie, the reality and the disaster

The 20-year-old boy who had denounced a brutal homophobic beating on the portal of his house in Malasaña, in Madrid, He has confessed to the Police that he made up his testimony. There was no aggression by hooded men and the knife wound to the buttock, forming the word ‘fag’, was “consensual” during sexual relations, he says now, according to police sources.

I have no idea what has led a person to be marked by someone like that and then to denounce it as a collective attack. I don’t know if we will know and I don’t know if the reasons are going to matter to us. What I do know is that because of this exceptional lie, this gap in credibility From a case that aroused the solidarity of so many citizens, all the pending accounts will be cast against those who denounce a rise in homophobia encouraged by the whitewashing of the extreme right. This disaster will be remembered for a long time, every time someone reports an assault, every time someone says “I do believe you.”

A false report does not invalidate an accredited phenomenon. The demonstration against homophobia called last night continued “because in recent days there have also been attacks in Toledo, Melilla, Castellón and Vitoria.” Some protesters explain: “If we have believed this boy’s complaint, it is because assaults happen every day.” Indeed, yesterday there was a beating of a trans boy in Valencia and Today we have in ElDiario. is another terrible case: the suicide of a young man after being blackmailed by someone he had met on a dating app; if he didn’t pay him money, he would tell everyone he was gay. The extortionist has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Does not take off

Government has suspended the expansion of the El Prat airport, in Barcelona, ​​announced just a few weeks ago. They were 364 million of investment for five years of controversial works, since they affect an environmentally protected area. It is one of the reasons that has divided both the central government partners as well as those of the Generalitat. The Government now says that without the clear support at least from ERC, it is not worth continuing.

It may not be a final decision, because everything is part of the negotiation scenario between the Government and the Government. There is a week left for you to meet the dialogue table, that instrument to negotiate a political solution to the Catalan conflict in which they have placed so many expectations impossible to fulfill both.


Do not pass

  • We interview Manuel Castells, Minister of Universities, who analyzes the new law that he has just presented and announces that he does not want to be a minister beyond this term.
  • Aids. Companies are not asking for available aid to alleviate the coronavirus crisis. So much debate for months of the lack of “direct aid” and in July 60% of the available funds were without transfer. We analyze the reasons, such as bureaucracy or restrictions on the use of money.
  • Fixed price. If you are following the debate on the price of electricity and you are learning more or less well about the technical mess behind it, you are prepared to read this article on how convenient it would be to establish a regulated fixed price for domestic rates.
  • Mafia. The deputy director of the Villena prison has received a beating. Before, he had received threats. All on the eve of he testified about another previous beating by officials of a prisoner, which can be seen in this video. There are three officials investigated.
  • Vilches! Has died Jordi Rebellón, the unforgettable doctor Vilches from ‘Hospital Central’, at the age of 64.

Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the history of the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger. When they only existed on the island that gives them their name, we Europeans arrived in the 19th century and that was their downfall. The settlers brought in dogs, which competed for food with the tigers and struck new diseases on them; and they brought sheep, which were sweet to the tiger, so the shepherds began to eliminate them. The last specimen died in 1936 and was called Benjamin. Up there you have him in a photo and here in a colored video what have we seen in Hypertextual.
  • He did not know that experts consider Spanish as the language that is spoken the fastest in the world, only behind Japanese. The possible explanation is interesting: words and expressions in Spanish tend to be longer than for example in English, that is, it is a not very dense language that you have to go through quickly to say the same thing in the same time as others. In English (although when we learn it it seems the opposite), speakers chew more words to make sense of each monosyllabic expression or short word. This is the study and a summary here.
  • He did not know that the zipper It had not been used on clothing until after 1925. Shortly before it began to be used as a closure for tobacco cases and men’s boots. Advertising for the first fly promised to end “unintentional and embarrassing accidents.” In fact, something very similar to a zipper was invented by Elias Howe in 1851, but he made no attempt to commercialize it because he was already succeeding with another invention of his, the sewing machine.

Tomorrow we read each other again.

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