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The list of organizations that Facebook considers dangerous | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation by The Intercept published a Facebook document that contains a list of more than 4 thousand individuals and organizations that the company considers dangerous.

According to the outlet, “almost everyone on the list is considered an enemy or threat by the United States or its allies,” and more than half consists of suspected foreign terrorists.

The list includes affiliates of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, along with Hamas and Hezbollah. Also part of it, the Taliban, the Houthis of Yemen and the entities linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

Other protagonists of this controversial classification are: the communist parties of India and the Philippines, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, some gangs in the United States, drug cartels such as Sinaola, Tijuana and Los Zetas, as well as groups of hatred like those headed by Nazi and fascist leaders and various xenophobic groups today.

The list can be consulted in its entirety at this link.

So far, Mark Zuckerberg’s company had not shared the list despite recommendations made by its content advisory board, made up of independent experts.

“Like other technology companies, we have not shared the list to limit legal risk, limit security risks and minimize opportunities for groups to circumvent the rules,” said the director of counterterrorism and organizations policy through Twitter. Dangerous Facebook, Brian Fishman.

[Work Thread] A version of Facebook’s Dangerous Organizations and Individuals list was leaked today. I want to provide some context, especially about our legal obligations, and point out some inaccuracies and mischaracterizations in the coverage. 1 / n

& mdash; Brian Fishman (@brianfishman) October 12, 2021

This internal report published by the site collects Facebook’s moderation lists for the application of its policy of dangerous individuals and organizations, so posts by these groups are prohibited on the platform.

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