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The little Kindle arrives: more resolution, storage and USB-C | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon today announced the next generation of Kindle, the lightest and smallest device in its history. It combines premium features with an affordable price, including a 6” high-resolution 300 ppi display, USB-C charging, extended battery life of up to six weeks, and space for thousands of books with twice the storage of the original. previous generation. The new Kindle can be reserved from today and will start shipping from October 12.

“With a high-resolution display that offers three times more pixels than our previous entry-level Kindle, USB-C charging, 16GB of storage, and built-in adjustable front light, the new ultralight Kindle is the latest example of how we continue to add premium features to our most affordable devices so even more customers can enjoy them,” said Eric Saarnio, vice president of Amazon Devices International.

New high resolution screen

The new Kindle features a 6-inch, glare-free, 300 ppi high-resolution display with three times as many pixels as the previous generation to display crisp text and images that read as if they were printed on paper. Dark mode and adjustable front light provide a comfortable reading experience in all situations, even in bright sunlight or in the dark. The device incorporates customer-favorite features such as X-Ray, which provides relevant information about people or places mentioned in a book, and a built-in dictionary to quickly look up any word. The Kindle app’s streamlined setup for iOS and Android offers an option to register your device in fewer steps and start reading even faster.

The lightest and most compact Kindle

It is the lightest and most compact Kindle model that exists: it allows you to carry it in your pocket and read comfortably holding it with one hand for longer. The device’s longer battery life (up to six weeks) increases reading time, while charging is easier than ever thanks to the USB-C port. The new Kindle has 16GB of storage, double that of the previous generation, which is enough to hold thousands of titles and take your library with you wherever you go.

Kindle devices come with instant access to the world’s best eBook store, including:

  • a huge catalog: Discover millions of titles, including the latest bestsellers.
  • Kindle Unlimited: Customers who reserve or purchase a Kindle can get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for zero cents. Enjoy millions of eBooks and an unlimited selection of magazines and read wherever and whenever you want.

Plus, Prime members can enjoy a rotating selection of thousands of books, magazines, and other content at no additional cost to their subscription.

The new Kindle is designed with sustainability in mind and has the hallmark Climate Pledge Friendly, which proves a greater reduction in carbon emissions compared to previous generation products. The device is made from 90% recycled magnesium. Additionally, in keeping with our goal to make Amazon device packaging 100% recyclable by 2023, for the first time, Kindle device packaging is fully recyclable as well as made from 100% wood-fiber-based materials sourced from forests. responsibly managed or from recycled sources. In addition, Kindle accessory cases follow the same example, with packaging made from 99% wood fiber-based materials.

Price and availability

Amazon’s new Kindle is pre-ordering today, September 13. The regular Kindle will set you back $100, while the Kindle Kids version will set you back $120. A four-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited and a year of Amazon Kids+ are also available to sweeten the deal depending on which device you buy.

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