Wednesday, July 6

The local board of directors of Citizens in Albacete resigns

The until now coordinator of the local Citizens’ Association in Albacete, Ángel Perea, has communicated the decision of the Board of Directors to resign from his organic positions because they see “impossible to redirect the situation” of the formation, since they have not been allowed to take sides in decision-making as well as the lack of communication with the Regional Citizens Coordinator that they have experienced.

“It is difficult to continue working when your own colleagues who are representing the party in the institutions and who are organically elected by imposition put an insurmountable barrier that allows us to carry out reconstruction and reconciliation work with the bases of the local group,” says Perea in a statement.

Thus, it describes that since in March the militants of Ciudadanos Castilla-La Mancha elected in primaries the Board of Directors headed by Perea in Albacete with the list ‘Free and Equal’; “It has been impossible to do that work.”

“Taking into account that it is not our intention to generate more controversy than the existing one, we consider that the best decision we can make is to resign from the organic positions that each of the members of this board of directors hold since we consider that it is impossible to redirect this situation “, has indicated.

Perea points out that “the committees have not been set up as ordered by the statutes, the meetings with the elected officials have not existed, they have been kept completely apart from the affiliates who religiously pay their quota and it has not been allowed that elect no member of the provincial committee. ”

“They have not allowed us to handle social networks at any time, they have not allowed us to express ourselves in the media, the provincial organization secretary has not deigned to contact this board of directors at any time, the relationship with the regional coordinator is non-existent for weeks, ignoring the problems does not make them disappear, rather they magnify them, “the statement continues.

The objective, according to Perea, “has always been to convey the vision of the affiliates to the positions that represent them in the institutions,” always advocating dialogue with “the intention of raising the perception that exists in the street of the party and the work that is still pending in the remaining two years of the legislature.

“We appreciate the support received by the affiliates who trusted us to move forward with this situation, as well as the support of those who were part of previous boards of directors, we apologize for not having been able to achieve it, but when one is aware of the situation that goes through Ciudadanos Albacete, the best thing is to stand aside and let others try with better luck, “he remarked.

They always believed in this project, according to Perea, “but lately many of us do not recognize the party in which we are active, hopefully and this situation changes, the people who have taken over the project change and we recover what was and should be Citizens”, ends in his statement.