Monday, March 27

The local police of Alicante who refused to put on the mask threatens to give “two hosts” to Ximo Puig for the COVID passport

Rafael Navarro, Local Police in Alicante, refused to use the mask during his working hours, which is why he was suspended from employment and salary for a year and seven months last April, he has threatened the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, with giving him “two hosts” for the introduction of the COVID passport in the Valencian Community.

“What we have to do, we have to do now, and we have to do it ourselves, not wait for someone to come and do it … and if the mission is to plant myself at Ximo Puig’s house and give him two hosts, then I’ll go to Ximo Puig’s house. Ximo Puig, if you tell me where he lives, and I will give him two hosts at the minimum he has. And there may already be police in front of him, for at most I will spend two nights in the dungeon, “he assures, while adding:” And when Seeing him cry, he is going to think: ‘Let’s see if another guy is going to come and give me two more hosts,’ because these people have to be taken away from the impunity they have. ”

“They have the power of the system [en referencia al Gobierno], but we have psychic power, spiritual power, and we have to exercise it “, to add:” You have to give hosts, but hosts like bread, and when you give two hosts to an uncle and he starts to cry that uncle reacts and thinks: ‘Maybe another guy comes and gives me two more hosts, and this hurts’, because they haven’t been given them, they are life suckers, they haven’t done anything in their fucking life, they haven’t risked their lives never, they have never fought for anything and they are fucking shitty politicians … Juanma Moreno, Ximo Puig, Urkullu and their fucking mother. ”

In the video, which has been circulating for a few days by different denialist profiles, Navarro encourages people to refuse to show the COVID passport in bars, restaurants and other establishments: “When the owner of a place receives three or four complaints and you cannot pay for it, you will have two options, either close or remove it … apart from that they are going to remove it, each one at their own speed, but they are going to remove it. ” “And if normal people stop going [en referencia a quienes no presenten el certificado de vacunaciรณn], because it is necessary to speak of normality and subnormality, because they will have to close because they will not have customers “, sentence.