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The luxury jet rented “at a good price” in which King Juan Carlos visits Spain

Juan Carlos de Borbón arrives in Spain after traveling the 6,000 kilometers that separate Abu Dhabi and Vigo aboard a private rental jet. The plane’s registration (BFY747R) allows us to know which specific device it is: a Gulfstream G450. The one who has enjoyed the emeritus was enrolled in Aruba, a Caribbean country off the coast of Venezuela and belongs to the Angolan company Bestfly who, on their website, boast of guaranteeing “a good price and excellent quality”.

The amount of the journey has not transpired. It is a flight of just over 6,000 kilometers and six hours non-stop in a jet with a RollsRoyce engine and luxury configuration (the interior was refurbished in 2019) according to what can be read in the Bestfly commercial brochure.

The plane is also offered on the website of the Luxembourg company Luxaviation.

The reactor has two bathrooms, a kitchen area with an oven, coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator, and a living room with leather seats and the possibility of becoming a bedroom for up to six people, with a double bed and four single beds.

In addition, it offers flight assistance service, satellite telephone, Wi-Fi network, CD and DVD players with integrated monitors. It also allows the transport of pets.

It is unknown with whom the emeritus travels. Juan Carlos I has three camera assistants in Abu Dhabi, whose salaries and trips to the Asian country are paid for by the State, according to the documentation accessed by in January 2021.

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