Wednesday, August 10

The MAC Panama Graphic Laboratory is reactivated after 40 years

49 years ago the Graphic Arts Workshop at the Institute of Panamanian Art, forerunner of MAC Panama, where artists were trained in engraving techniques, such as the master Julián Velásquez and Leonardo Jordán, and that it represented a pioneering model of training in its time.

In September 2021 this workshop opened its doors again, this time under the name of “MAC Panama Graphic Laboratory”, With the purpose of facilitating the training and learning of local artists of new generations, contributing to the development of new skills and the professionalization of the sector.

The development of the project has been possible thanks to the support of Mercantil, which reinforces the alliance established since 2018 with the MAC Panama.

In this way, different joint initiatives are given continuity, to increase the capacity of both institutions to share the cultural capital created, and thus offer citizens safe spaces to fully exercise their Cultural Rights.

The history that precedes this project dates back to the 1970s, when the Colombian artist and engraver Alicia viteri moves to Panama to teach courses at the Panama university.

In company of Coqui Calderon, brings together 11 artists, together with whom they created a portfolio of engravings to gather economic funds that would activate the graphic arts workshop in the museum, and with whom, later, they started operations and managed to train in engraving techniques to 14 local artists of the time.

For its current reactivation, a program of instruction and training in various engraving techniques has been created, dictated by the teacher Rafael Martin (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Panama).

The curatorial team of the project, made up of Gladys Turner B. and Juan Canela, selected 10 artists for this first edition: Manuel Arias, Donna Conlon, Milko Delgado, Roman Florez, Ana Elena Garuz, Ruben Lozano, Momo Magallón, Vanessa Orelli, Christian Pérez Vega and Alexander Wtges.