Wednesday, March 22

The Madrid Chamber of Accounts endorses Ayuso’s contracts without addressing his brother’s commission

The Chamber of Accounts of Madrid has approved this Wednesday, March 23, the report by which several emergency contracts of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso were audited during the pandemic, specifically, in the year 2020. Among them is the controversial contract that the Regional executive awarded Priviet Sportive SL – with no previous experience in the health business – by finger for 1.5 million euros for the purchase of masks, a contract for which the brother of the regional president charged a commission of at least 55,850 euros plus VAT. The Chamber of Accounts has concluded in its report this Wednesday that this contract followed the ordinary procedures of an emergency contract and therefore did not incur in any irregularity, but it does not assess the amount received by Tomás Díaz Ayuso, who remains outside of the body’s audit, something that falls within normality.

Specifically, the Chamber of Accounts audits various aspects of the audited contracts: if the emergency was justified – that is, if the contract responded to the pandemic; if it was reported on the same in the Government Council chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso; also the beginning of the period of the benefit; if the final expense corresponds to the expected expense; if the service was carried out and if it was advertised on the Contracting Portal. According to the auditing body, the contract with Priviet Sportive followed these procedures.

The report has analyzed a total of 4,448 contracts, for an amount of almost 1,000 million euros. The body emphasizes several adjudications that used the emergency procedure to acquire goods that were not intended “to combat the pandemic or covered by the literal tenor of article 120 LCSP.” “In general, most of the audited contracts have been adapted to the requirements established by the legal system for this situation. Only on a few occasions, in file numbers 259 and 260, has emergency processing been used to acquire goods not intended to combat the pandemic or covered by the literal tenor of article 120 LCSP”, he concludes.

The first of these files refers to the acquisition of three ultrasound machines for the Infanta Sofía, Universitario del Henares and Universitario del Tajo hospitals, for a total value of 102,800 euros. The agency understands that they should have been processed through the ordinary route and not have been awarded by finger taking advantage of the pandemic. The second is a contract for the supply of two mammography equipment for the Infanta Leonor and the Infanta Sofía, for 560,000 euros.

It also questions several contracts that “lack the documentation that every contract file requires” even in the case of an emergency procedure, says the Chamber of Accounts. “This occurs in files number 105 to 114, 196, from 214 to 221 and 254, in which no justification has been provided that the Governing Council has been informed, and numbers 157 and 194, with respect to which there is no evidence the start date of the benefit ”, assures the report to which has had access and which has been advanced by Vozpopuli.

Although the regional government and the president herself had assured that the contract for which the president’s brother charged a commission had already been audited, it was not until this Wednesday, March 23, that the Chamber of Accounts issued its final report after Council has met. In a letter signed by its acting president, Carlos Salgado Pérez, –sent to the PSOE– the auditing entity criticized that there was talk of the contract being audited despite the fact that its final resolution had not been approved. Salgado clarified that it was a report in “preparation”, as advanced by