Tuesday, November 28

The Madrid City Council covers the archaeological finds of the Puerta del Sol with sand

One day it has taken the Madrid City Council to cover the archaeological remains found in the Puerta del Sol with cloth and sand, which throughout this Thursday had been covered for the most part, as this newspaper was able to verify in situ. The Works area has rushed to cover the foundations of the 19th century buildings found after being authorized by the Heritage area of ​​the Community of Madrid to do so.

This is how Puerta del Sol will be in March: more diaphanous, without shade and with Carlos III surrounded by water

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The existence of the vestiges was known after the publication in Somos Madrid of their discovery last Monday. At that time the regional government was still assessing the significance of the excavations, but the next day the town hall received the report from the General Directorate of Heritage with permission to rebury the remains and continue the work. This Thursday the base of the buildings were covered, as can be seen in the images taken by this medium.

The City Council has covered the entire area with geotextile and sand, before undertaking the pipes that mark the Puerta del Sol remodeling project. The findings, found between the accesses to the streets of Preciados and Carmen, next to the Tío Pepe sign , correspond to the foundations of constructions from over a century ago and to an elevator that communicated with line 2 and was built in the twenties.

The remains date back to the time when this space in the heart of Madrid was expanded to reach the shape it now has, at the cost of demolishing several buildings.

The complete pedestrianization of Puerta del Sol began at the end of last March and is expected to last for a year, if there are no more setbacks. From the Works area it is stressed that the archaeological finds, which are normal in works of this type, have not caused any delay.

The execution times of the reform of this square are crucial to reach its completion in the electoral spring of 2023. Unless there are delays, the planned execution date will be the end of March of that year. Two months before the municipal elections.