Saturday, December 10

The Madrid City Council prevents journalists from accessing the roof to cover the demonstration

200,000 people according to the Government Delegation in Madrid and 670,000 according to the organizers have marched this Saturday through Madrid against the mistreatment of the president of the community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to public health. A demonstration that has concluded in Cibeles and has packed the central square of the capital, but of which there are hardly any quality aerial photos available, because the Madrid City Council has given an order to the Police who were in the Cibeles Palace of not letting journalists with professional equipment pass to take images from the roof. Not even with the pre-purchased ticket that many of them had.

This is confirmed by Olmo Calvo, photojournalist and collaborator of, who has been the only one who has managed to gain access with his team after insisting “a lot” and after a police officer identified him and told him that if he received reprimands from his superiors, Calvo could be penalized. “It’s something completely abusive and out of the norm,” denounces the photographer. The rest of the classmates had to take the photos with their mobile phones.

The Europa Press photographer, Eduardo Parra, has also denounced this situation on his social networks. “Today a terrible thing has happened, at the hands of those who fill their mouths with the word FREEDOM. They have not let the cameras pass the photojournalists who wanted to take the aerial photo from the terrace of the Madrid City Hall ”, he has written.

Javier Barbancho, who works for The world He has also denounced on Twitter the ban on uploading with his team.

The complaints of the photographers are added to those of other journalists and the CNT union, who have also pointed out that the City Council has turned off the traffic cameras around Cibeles, where the demonstration was taking place and from which the columns of citizens marching for public health.

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