Wednesday, August 17

The Madrid City Council withdraws the LGTBI flag after the judicial decision obtained by Vox

The spokeswoman for Más Madrid in the City Council, Rita Maestre, warned this Wednesday that they will not sit idly by after maintenance personnel from the Consistory have removed the LGTBI banners from the balconies of the Municipal Groups Building in a gesture by the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to put the rainbow flags “in the closet”.

“City Hall officials have come this morning to remove the LGTBI flags from the Municipal Group. Overnight, without us having the car, without information and, above all, without Almeida lifting a finger to defend freedom and pride,” Maestre explained on his social networks.

An order from the Contentious-Administrative Court 18 of Madrid estimated the very precautionary measure presented by the spokesman for Vox in the City Council of the capital, Javier Ortega Smith, agreeing to the provisional removal of the LGTBI banners/flags in the Groups Building.

The measure, filed against the Madrid City Council, is maintained as long as a final judgment is not issued that ends the process and without this decision prejudging the merits of the matter, collects the judicial text.

Maestre has insisted that “it is not a final sentence, but a provisional one” and “Almeida had the opportunity to appeal and place himself, for the first time, on the good side of history to distance himself from his fellow officers but, as expected , has preferred Vox and its offensive against the collective”.

“It has taken less than 24 hours to remove them: Almeida has done nothing during these three years other than remove flags. Now he has recharged his batteries and has been in a hurry to put the LGTBI flags in the closet. It is a shame and we are not going to sit idly by”, warned Rita Maestre.

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