Wednesday, September 28

The Madrid Court confirms the opening of the trial to former vice president Rato for eleven tax crimes, money laundering and corruption in his businesses

The Provincial Court of Madrid has confirmed the opening of oral proceedings against the former vice president of the Government Rodrigo Rato for tax crimes, money laundering and corruption, and dismisses the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office that sought to try him also for punishable insolvency and falsehood.

The judge proposes to put Rodrigo Rato on the bench for alleged corruption, money laundering and tax fraud

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On June 2, the Investigative Court number 31 of Madrid agreed to open an oral trial against Rato in the case that investigates the origin of his assets, for alleged crimes against the Public Treasury, money laundering and corruption between individuals.

The Prosecutor’s Office then presented an appeal to include falsehood and punishable insolvency, a request that the Provincial Court has rejected on the understanding that said crimes “have already been expelled from the procedure.”

In March of this year, Judge Antonio Serrano-Arnal decided to prosecute Rato and 16 other individuals and companies, for possible crimes of corruption in business, money laundering and alleged tax avoidance.

In this way, Rato will be judged as the author of eleven crimes against the Public Treasury between the years 2005 and 2015, a crime of money laundering and another of corruption between individuals in the concession of Bankia’s advertising campaigns to the Zenith and Publicis agencies in his time at the head of the entity.

The Prosecutor’s Office claims to have identified unjustified capital increases between 2005 and 2015 for a total amount of 15.6 million euros, in addition to returns from movable capital abroad not declared to the Treasury, and 7.4 million euros defrauded to the Agency Tax.

To this last figure should be added the taxation of professional services through their companies, with which the defrauded quotas would amount to 8.5 million euros.

He also sees “rational indications” that the former minister, being Bankia president, improperly charged commissions for the entity’s advertising contracts with Publicis and Zenith, related to the merger and IPO, which would have led to various companies achieving ” blur the origin of money. ”

Along with Rato, among others, the lawyer Domingo Plazas; the one who was administrator of several companies linked to Rato, Miguel Ángel Montero, or the former general secretary of Telefónica, Ramiro Sánchez de Lerín.

In the money laundering case, there is also the one who was then his brother-in-law, Santiago Alarcó, while in the corruption between individuals there is Fernández Norniella, former “right hand” of the former minister; Rato’s secretary, Teresa Arellano; Miguel Ángel Montero; Sunday Plazas; the former director of External Communication of Bankia Miguel Robledo, and one of his employees, Beatriz Colomer.

For their part, the Publicis and Zenith companies are also listed as criminally responsible for the crime of corruption.