Tuesday, May 24

The Maduro regime creates a commission to request economic compensation from Spain for the Conquest




The Government of Venezuela has created a commission «of the highest level» to find «the truth» of the colonial era and «demand justice and reparation from Spain, Portugal and all of Europe».

As reported by the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, the Historical Truth, Justice and Reparation Commission on colonial rule and its consequences in Venezuela has the specific objective of “clarifying and delve into the truth of European colonialism, their crimes, genocides and looting committed in Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean» and has already been launched.

Likewise, in a message published through his account on the social network Twitter, the Venezuelan president has guaranteed that the authorities of the Caribbean country “will advance in the decolonization of the homeland.”

The group is made up of 21 specialists with experience in the cultural and historical struggle, has detailed. The commission is chaired by the Venezuelan Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, and also includes the Minister of Native Peoples, Rosinés González, as well as historians, deputies, professors, an anthropologist and a poet, among others.

“More than a symbolic pardon”

Villegas has stressed that the members of the commission have “decades” of experience investigating the colonial era and its consequences and has warned that they are not only seeking symbolic claims “from the highest levels of European power”, such as “the simple word ‘excuse me,'” but also “economic demands, which are “perfectly quantifiable”, has collected VTV.

Maduro has attacked Spain on multiple occasions on account of the colonial era and has requested that the authorities make a “historical rectification for the crimes committed by the Spanish empire.” In October 2021, he sent a letter of protest to King Felipe VI.

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