Wednesday, October 20

The main cone of the La Palma volcano suffers a partial collapse

The main cone of the La Palma volcano has partially collapsed and its morphology has changed in the last hours. This was a scenario that the scientists had foreseen, who clarify that it is a normal process because the entire “mountain” that the new volcano has created is unconsolidated material, such as pyroclasts or lava that has cooled. “The material is very broken and the cone is in continuous movement,” summarized Itahiza Domínguez, a seismologist from the National Geographic Institute (IGN), on Canarian television.

The explosive activity of the La Palma volcano has increased in recent hours, scientists say

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The director of the IGN Central Geophysical Observatory, Carmen López, warned this afternoon that the cone of the volcano had a fumarole field on the northwest flank, that is, an area of ​​the volcano that only emits gases, which could destabilize the upper part of the cone , “which changes repeatedly due to reconfiguration processes”.

Now that the morphology has changed and the cone has partially collapsed, the lava is coming out much more fluid than before. As Domínguez has pointed out, it seems that this new laundry is going to join with the previous ones. “The last calculation spoke of 80 million cubic meters [de lava expulsada en total]. Flights are required in certain areas to update this information, “he added.

Next, the seismologist explained that the earthquakes detected in the last hours in the municipality of Fuencaliente “are related to the pipes from which the magma comes out of the depths.” It is dispersed seismicity and is a readjustment of the system to all the changes that are being produced. After the stoppage of activity, we discovered that the magma began to come out of greater depth when the flows were more fluid. ”

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