Friday, December 3

The main cryptocurrency events this week: ENS, CRO and DOT

News may be key to changes in cryptocurrency prices. Mainnet releases, updates, listings on exchanges, as well as other events such as partnerships are extremely important for those who are following a certain project.

As an example, the launch of Axie Infinity’s DEX this Thursday (4) caused the price of the AXS token to go up by 13% in 4 hours and also the SLP token to double in value in 11 hours. Soon after, prices corrected.

This update related to Axie Infinity came unexpectedly, without prior notice, causing sudden increase and correction. The notes below are publicly known, and the phenomenon called “buy the rumor, sell the news” can happen, in which players who had already anticipated their profits.

Release of the Ethereum Name Service ENS token

The launch and airdrop of the ENS token is programmed to take place this Monday night (8).

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) allows the creation of domain names in a decentralized way, hosted on Ethereum. This way, you can access sites like livecoins.eth, as well as send transactions to this address without having to use a common address like 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

The ENS token that will be distributed will be a project governance token. In this way it will work as a DAO, allowing it to be more decentralized.

Launch of’s mainnet Cronos (CRO)

According to the CEO of, the launch of the mainnet called Cronos is programmed for this Monday (8).

This project came about through an ICO called Monaco (MCO) with the purpose of launching debit cards with cryptocurrencies, but it changed course after buying the domain and launching its CRO token. Today it works as an exchange and also offers returns on your currencies.

Currently CRO already has a blockchain and Cronos will be a parallel blockchain to it. Cronos will use Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing projects to import their tokens into this network, similar to what BNB did with Binance Smart Chain.

Polkadot (DOT) Parachain Auctions

Is programmed for the first parachain auctions to start next Thursday (11) at Polkadot.

To understand the news, it is necessary to understand what Polkadot is. Your blockchain can be considered an evolution of Ethereum, as instead of tokens it houses blockchains. Parachains are derived from parallel blockchains (parallel blockchains) that can work with their own programming languages ​​and still talk to each other.

These auctions will be carried out with collective loans, that is, users vote using their DOTs, Polkadot’s native currency. If the project is chosen, then these DOTs are blocked for the duration of the project, up to two years, and users receive the token of the project in question.

As these will be the first parachain auctions, they will be an important Polkadot milestone.

Best places to find information

There are currently two major projects that monitor these types of events, CoinMarketCal and ICO Analytics. Both are old and trusted by the community.

O CoinMarketCal, as the name suggests, is a calendar of the cryptocurrency market. The community itself votes whether the events are real or fake, as well as there are several filters in which you can search for events only from the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Although ICO Analytics does not have a website, you can find information on its Twitter e Telegram. In addition to providing summaries of upcoming events, you’ll also find statistics on the most talked about currencies on social media as well as information on investments made by venture capital firms.

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