Saturday, March 2

The majority association in the Civil Guard criticizes the orders to act against sabotage on the road

Jucil, the association of civil guards that was born from the Jusapol platform, has criticized in recent hours the orders of superiors to stop the violent acts that are taking place in the transport sector against the strike called by a minority association. The general secretary of Jucil, Ernesto Villariño, published a tweet this afternoon in which he speaks of “extraordinary concern” for what he considers a request for “more forcefulness” by the Interior “to restrict the rights of transport strikers ”.

The virulence and dispersion of the sabotage overflows to Interior

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Villariño includes in his tweet an internal communication from the Civil Guard indicating that, when “novelties” are sent, “the term strike will not be used” and that the term “stop” be used. In the same instruction he orders himself not to use the term “picket” but rather that of “activist”. Sources from the Ministry of the Interior deny having given any instructions in this regard and recall that the minister himself, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has been referring to violent pickets in his statements and in no case to activists.

In another tweet, the official Jucil account demands that the Government meet with the convening association, which is not part of the table between the sector and the Administration. “The play on words to act against a sector that only asks to eat,” says the message on networks.

In another message, with the hashtag #yoapoyoaloscamioneros, he says that without these workers “the supplies do not arrive” and they add that the Civil Guard “defends and protects the rights and freedoms of the Spanish people.” In the last elections to the Council of the Civil Guard, the representative body of the elections in the Corps, Jucil became the most representative association with six members thanks to 15,070 votes, more than 45% of the total number of voters.

In an email sent by the head of the Federation of Industry to the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday night, the sector lamented the passive attitude of the civil guards when it came to combating sabotage while warning that if the Interior did not nothing would produce a serious shortage that would affect the citizens. After these complaints, from the six arrested in the first four days of the strike, it has gone to 29 in the last 24 hours, according to the latest report from the Ministry of the Interior.

The different government delegates are reporting the violence with which the attacks on truck drivers who want to work are taking place, putting their lives in danger. Attacks have included separating the cabin from the moving trailer or throwing large stones from bridges at drivers while they were in transit.

In November, Jucil actively supported a protest against the Government that brought together all the parties of the parliamentary right in the street, alleging that the amendments of PSOE and United We Can change the Citizen Security Law in terms that did not appear in the text presented in the Congress by the two mentioned formations. The association declares itself “apolitical” and “non-partisan”.