Monday, February 26

The Malvinas notebooks



The notebooks of the Falkland Islands, with the flag and map included, are part of the Christmas treat at the Embassy of Argentina in Madrid. Any date is good to insist on claiming before the world (in this case Spain) the sovereignty of the South Atlantic archipelago that cost the English and Argentines so much pain, sweat, tears and blood. The image printed in ‘the notebooks’ carries an eternal message, or almost, implicitly. Even if more than a hundred years have passed, we will not stop claiming the land that we consider ours. That said, choosing some ‘notebooks’ to remember their demands can also seem like a provocation or a perverse wink to the Justice that stalks the vice president and widow, Cristina Fernández.

The oldest

The scandal of the three consecutive governments of the Kirchner marriage (2003-2015), was reflected in ‘Los cuadernos de la corruption’, which Óscar Centeno, the driver of Roberto Baratta, right hand of former Planning Minister Julio De Vido, kept as a treasure. and with José López (the Secretary of State who hid millions in a monastery) in the collection team, outside the law, the most effective in history. Between the notebooks of the Embassy (blank) and the others (full of names, repentant businessmen and bribery circuits) there is an abyss but, perhaps, it would have been better to stamp that image of the islands, in addition to a thermos, in any somewhere else (wine label, for example) rather than in some notebooks.

The image of one and the other is what has Maximo Kirchner and the vice president in mind in this final stretch of the year. Pollsters – whoever pays – give the same result: mother and son are in the top of the worst viewed. In this case, the firstborn occupies the first position of rejection and she, the second. Even so, the family has faith that the deputy who fled from textbooks tomorrow can follow in his parents’ footsteps and become President of the Republic. In Argentina, as in Spain, everything is possible although, personally, I have my doubts and they are not few.

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