Friday, September 24

The Mandalorian game made by a fan looks great | Digital Trends Spanish

A curious video has been around for a few days on the internet and that generated some expectations among fans of Star wars. Supposedly, it was a game based on The Mandalorian, that although it was captured with a camera directly to the TV, it looked quite acceptable and could even pass as a commercial product in the early stages of development.

But unfortunately for the fans, it is not anything official but rather it seems to be a project created by an individual. The channel where the video was posted is from a person named Christopher Turner, who has so far posted videos of creating various objects and other items on the Unreal Engine.

There are several eye-catching elements in the video. Beyond that there are things that reveal the general lack of polish for being a project home, details in the modeling of some characters look pretty good. On the other hand, towards the end of the video – almost in the last second – a menu appears superimposed on the image that appears to be the Google Stadia interface, which can lead to confusion.

However, none of this seems to indicate that it would be a commercial project. This is because Jack Chapman, designer of the Sumo Digital studio and who previously worked at Supermassive Games, wrote on social networks that it is definitely a project on Unreal Engine 4 that uses a default animation package.

Thats definitely a UE4 project using a package called ALS. I recognize that body animation anywhere! Looks like a cool fan made project tho.

& mdash; Jack Chapman (@ShakaInc) August 26, 2021

Chapman’s comment debunks the chance that this version of The Mandalorian It is a real game, but that does not mean that in the future something like this cannot exist. Especially since the success of Jedi Fallen Order whetted the appetite of Disney, which has plans to expand the universe of Star wars in video games, beyond the future Lego game based on the Skywalker saga, which will arrive next year and which looks spectacular.

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