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The Mañueco mousetrap: advance elections in Castilla y León or face a new motion of censure that the government snatches

The president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, is torn between assuming a new motion of censure from the PSOE in March or avoiding it through an electoral advance in a matter of months. It is in a mousetrap. The coalition government between PP and Ciudadanos will hardly reach the end of the legislature. As confirmed by sources from the PP to, Mañueco will call elections if his counterpart in Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, who already suffers a blockade of his government action by Vox, which has broken his alliance in support of the Andalusian government ( also formed by PP and Ciudadanos) leaving him, de facto, without a parliamentary majority that he obtained thanks to the extreme right. Both seek that Ayuso effect (who advanced elections by getting rid of Ciudadanos and without having to agree with Vox) that is not so easy outside the Community of Madrid.

Mañueco and Moreno have a similar situation. Last March, a motion of no confidence from the Socialists in Castilla y León snatched not the government, but the parliamentary majority, when days before the debate a deputy from Ciudadanos, María Montero, left the parliamentary group to go to the group of no ascribed. They could have been more, but the departure of Montero was enough so that this motion was not entirely useless for the PSOE. The mistake was that it was signed by 35 socialist attorneys, although 15% of the chamber, which has 81 seats, was enough. The PSOE was able to present it with the signature of 13 of its 35 parliamentarians. If he had done so, he would have made sure to present a second motion at the time he wanted, signed by 13 other different ones, since the regulations of the Cortes of Castilla y León prohibit the presentation of a motion signed by those who have presented another before they have elapsed. 12 months. Thus, things, the Socialists have to wait that period of one year to try to overthrow, again, the Government of Castilla y León. The ban period expires on March 10. As of that date, the PSOE has a free hand to act and it is more than likely that it will. He would only need three defections from Ciudadanos and his seats are out of stock.

A course opening without projects

Last Monday, Mañueco appeared before the press to present the new political course. He did not make a single announcement, he did not refer to any project, and he limited himself to demanding that the central government, among other things, meet with President Pedro Sánchez. Yes, he launched a message that has irritated his government partners. “As long as I am president, not a single rural clinic will be closed,” he warned after being asked by the press. The Ministry of Health, in the hands of Citizens, began the legislature with a plan that was interrupted by the pandemic and that is now being resumed: the reform of primary care in rural areas, and that involves creating reference medical centers that serve several towns, leaving clinics closed. He also ‘offered’ all opposition groups an agreement to carry out the budgets, because he needs at least one of their votes to get it. He has no other choice.

Mañueco did not present a plan because he does not have one: his horizon is in November or December, the ideal time for this electoral advance. Among his motivations, there is not only the threat of a vote of no confidence, he is also aware that the polls may cease to be favorable for him. He fears that the commission of investigation of the nursing homes, whose start-up is slowing down more than is reasonable, will cast doubt on the management of the pandemic that is presumed in the Board. The protocols published by show that the regional government ordered not to refer the elderly from residences to hospitals during the peak of the pandemic, between March and April 2020. They shielded themselves in a “hospitalization at home” in residences that did not It was real because, as this newspaper published, after starting this system of medical visits, many nursing homes had elderly people infected with COVID and without treatment because the doctors did not go. More than 4,000 died without stepping on a hospital. So far, the Board has only given the global data on referrals to hospitals and refuses to provide the data for the period in which the documents were in force.

Movements of ‘citizens’ to become ‘popular’

The president of Castilla y León stopped being comfortable with Ciudadanos many months ago and with Inés Arrimadas’s party in free fall, his partner is nothing more than a dead weight that diminishes his popularity. The restrictions due to COVID have not worked as expected and the Community has been among the three most affected in each of the five waves, despite the harsh measures that were imposed, since an illegal curfew one day before the state of alarm, to another with a legal pirouette, playing with the concept of sunset, which the Supreme Court suspended cautiously, going through one closure of the hotel trade after another.

During this summer some attorneys and organic positions of Ciudadanos have moved to secure the seat or the position of trust. They want to join the PP lists, but they have not left the PSOE aside, because they intend to ensure a future beyond May 2023, which is when the legislature ends. As confirmed by PP sources, Genoa has closed the doors to at least one senior government official who wanted to join its ranks.

And while Mañueco’s intention crystallizes or dissolves, at least one faction of the PP of Castilla y León rubs its hands predicting that either the president will not achieve the expected results if he calls elections before the end of the year, or that it will end stripped of all power if there is a second vote of no confidence.

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