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The map of the most dangerous countries in the world in 2021



The map of dangerousness in the world in 2021, made from the
travel recommendations from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
, has changed notably with the pandemic. Although border closures and movement limitations have slowed down terrorism and international conflicts, the economic crisis caused by restrictions has multiplied crime in many countries, especially in Latin America, increasing insecurity.

Foreign Affairs establishes a list, country by country, of travel recommendations for Spaniards before going abroad. These tips are continually updated based on events. From the literality of these notices, indirectly an unofficial index of global danger emerges, represented on this interactive map using colors. Click on each country on the map to see the recommendations, regardless of the travel restrictions imposed to control the coronavirus pandemic.

Of the two hundred countries analyzed, a quarantine has worsened their situation -Myanmar more drastically than any-, and only a fortnight have experienced slight improvements in their security. The rest maintain the same pre-pandemic rating.

Maximum danger range

-Black: “Travel is inadvisable under any circumstances.” Nine countries.

The list of the most dangerous countries in the world remains at nine, the same as at the end of 2019, before the pandemic. Myanmar enters, volatile since the coup of last February, and Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea remain at the highest level of danger. The young state of South Sudan leaves the highest level of danger.

-Red: «It is discouraged except out of extreme necessity». 16 countries.

Venezuela is the American country with the highest dangerousness rating, installed in high insecurity for five years now. Nicaragua and Bolivia recently abandoned this level of risk, in addition to Egypt and Liberia. On the contrary, Palestine is entering this year, due to the situation in Gaza; Ethiopia, with outbreaks of ethnic and political violence in various regions of the country; and Uganda. The other countries with a red level, those that Foreign Affairs advises against traveling except for reasons of extreme necessity, are: Haiti, Iraq, North Korea, Bangladesh, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

With areas to avoid

-Brown: “It is recommended to travel with extreme caution and refrain from doing so in certain areas.” 31 countries.

Mexico joins the list of American countries that are part of the extreme caution level and with areas to avoid. Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador remain at this stage. Angola, Ivory Coast, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Trinidad and Tobago also enter. This level of danger is covered by African countries (Kenya, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and South Africa, among others), but with a gap also for Asians such as Indonesia and Thailand. Israel is also part of this range. Turkey, Algeria and Mozambique remain on the list.

-Orange: “It is recommended to travel with caution and refrain from doing so in certain areas.” 52 countries.

The most numerous level is, in turn, the most heterogeneous, since the danger is restricted to specific areas and not to the entire country. Thus, for example, the United States is for violence in some neighborhoods of its big cities, South Korea for its border with the Pyongyang regime, and Russia for its agitated Caucasus.

Most of the 52 members on the list are there for crime in certain areas. This is the case with Latin American countries such as Argentina, a novelty in this stage after worsening their security, Brazil, Peru or Ecuador. There are also European states, such as Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, and Georgia. Other countries that have been added to the list are Morocco and Costa Rica.


-Amber: «It is recommended to exercise extreme caution during the trip». Twenty countries.

The level that the largest number of countries have incorporated due to the worsening of security, mainly due to the increase in crime derived from the economic crisis due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Unlike the previous stadium, it does not include areas to avoid, but extreme caution is widespread throughout the country, mainly due to crime. Chile, Cuba, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic join this level after the increased risk. The list is made up of twenty countries, mainly African, such as Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar or Ghana. There is no European.

-Yellow: «It is recommended to travel with caution». Forty countries.

Countries with high crime without being alarming. Africa has its soil here, with countries like Botswana. Also Latin America, with Uruguay or Bolivia. There is European representation, such as Slovakia, Lithuania and Montenegro.

Without restrictions

-Blue: “There are no specific restrictions on travel to this country.” 41 countries.

Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and 32 European countries form the lowest risk group. The small states of Qatar, Brunei, Singapore and Taiwan also participate in this range without African or Latin American representatives.

However, Foreign Affairs remarks in each country information: “It is recalled that at this time no region of the world and no country is safe from possible terrorist acts.”

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