Friday, December 9

The Marbella City Council defends the legality of its adjudications and threatens again due to the published news

The Marbella City Council, through two of its councilors, has assured this Monday that the repeated award of construction contracts to a company allegedly used for laundering money from drug trafficking was in accordance with the law and was supervised by its technicians. Councilor Félix Romero has assured that “there are certain demonstrations that certain people and media are carrying out” that “are probably false” and that “probably have an impact on the image of the city council”, without explaining which demonstrations are “probably” false.

The mayor of Marbella threatens to denounce the media if they relate her to the investigation against her husband

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For his part, Javier García, councilor for works during the second term of Ángeles Muñoz (2011-2015), has insisted on disassociating the mayor from the processing of the five files, in which, as revealed on Monday by elDiario .es, works worth 642,415.22 euros were awarded to a company owned by Nils Fischer, a partner of Muñoz’s stepson, Joakim Broberg. A week ago, the mayor Ángeles Muñoz assured that the case of the National High Court in which her husband is related does not imply “absolutely no implication within the municipal sphere.”

CODECOSOL (Costa del Sol Constructions and Demolitions), is a Nils Fischer company that would have been used “as a cover for different real estate businesses”, according to the indictment issued by Manuel García Castellón, at the head of the central court of instruction of the Hearing National. García Castellón believes that Broberg is the “chief or administrator” of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering on the Costa del Sol, and that Fischer is his “trusted man” and “frontman”.

The city council did not answer when this medium asked about the awards to CODECOSOL.

“Flawless Procedures”

Javier García, currently deputy mayor of San Pedro de Alcántara, explained that the contracts to CODECOSOL (Costa del Sol Constructions and Demolitions) were awarded in a “regulated” manner and “supervised by the construction technicians, processed by the contracting unit and supervised by the intervention”. “These are impeccable procedures in terms of their processing,” said García.

Three of the five contracts located by this means were awarded to Fischer’s company through a negotiated procedure with advertising, for which a minimum of three companies invited by the administration to present their offers is required. The other two (for a value of 36,318.18 euros and 49,605.49 euros were for minor contracts). In 2017, the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office found some of these concessions, according to Marbella Confidencial. The proceedings were subsequently archived.

As explained by García, the awards to CODECOSOL were due to the municipal interest in favoring local companies that, under other conditions, would not be able to compete in the tenders. “There was a neighborhood plan where a response was given to the needs of local companies that did not qualify for larger contracts.”

Warnings to those who “bear false testimony”

Before García justified the hiring of CODECOSOL, Félix Romero (security councilor) has again threatened anyone who links the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, with the allegedly criminal plot being investigated by the National High Court, and of which his husband, Lars Brogerg, and stepson Joakim Broberg. However, he has insisted on conditioning the warning to what has been said being false, without explaining what falsehood has been said so far: “Whoever bears false testimony against a charge or falsely links the city council with any criminal plot, if he does so and is fake, let him face the consequences.” “The city council is not going to allow the image of our city to be spuriously stained”, he added later.

Romero has tried to limit the investigation and the revelations regarding this matter to the content of the indictment. “What the judge has said is what comes in your car, what you have to read is what you put in your car, and that will be subject to criticism like any question that is raised by any public body in a democracy, but I think that Judge García Castellón has not said many of the things that are being said”, he highlighted. “I challenge anyone to come and tell me where the Marbella town hall is named in the car. If I have to read a public document, I go to the RAE dictionary and interpret it as the dictionary says”.