Tuesday, March 28

The mask outdoors will no longer be mandatory as of Thursday, according to the Minister of Health

From next thursday february 8 The obligation to wear masks outdoors will be eliminated. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in an interview in the Being Chain.

The announcement comes several days after Congress approved his application. Spain had been left alone in Europe in making the use of masks mandatory, with the exception of Scotland and Italy. Progressively, this measure, which has less scientific support, has been disappearing. “The idea is that be published [el decreto] on Wednesday in the BOE and that it be effective from Thursday“, the minister pointed out.

Health will withdraw the obligation, but defends its use during this time

Next Tuesday the Council of Ministers will meet and it will be at that time that the Minister of Health will ask to approve this measure. The mandatory nature of masks outdoors was approved on December 22 in the face of the increase in infections, promoted in part by pressure from the Autonomous Communities.

The Minister of Health has defended the use of the mask outdoors during this time, explaining that have served as a “barrier effect” and it has been a “prudence measure”.

The Government points out that the good epidemiological evolution, where the contagion curve has been going down for three weeks, has made it easier to make this decision. In recent days, communities such as Madrid, Galicia or Catalonia had pressed for its compulsory nature to be eliminated. For its part, the mask indoors and on public transport will likely continue for some time.

Image | Gabriella Clare Marino