Wednesday, March 22

The mask outdoors will only be mandatory in crowded events and a recommendation in “crowds”

The Ministry of Health and the communities have formally agreed to end the mandatory use of the mask outdoors. The mask will only be mandatory in massive events. Always if people are standing and if it is not possible to maintain a distance of one and a half meters in the event that the attendees are seated. It also appears as a recommendation in urban agglomerations, as regional sources have confirmed to after the extraordinary meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council.

The same meeting has also resulted in the agreement to expand sports capacity to 75% indoors and 85% outdoors. Some communities such as Andalusia and Madrid asked to return to 100%.

Convening the Interterritorial Health Council was a necessary step in processing the modification of the mask, despite the fact that the Ministry already announced, before hearing the communities, what the decision was last Friday. The communities of the Popular Party, although they agree with the measure, criticized the “unilateral” announcement and the “lurches” of the minister three days after Congress validated, in a controversial vote, the royal decree that regulated face masks in the street.

The end of the mask outdoors, except for the agreed assumptions, will be published on Wednesday in the Official State Gazette and will come into force this Thursday.