Monday, September 20

The Matrix 4 website takes you back to 1999 | Digital Trends Spanish

The next movie from the franchise The Matrix began its promotion in a very curious and nostalgic way: a website that uses the same internet address as the first film.

The site is question is called (What is the Matrix, in Spanish) and upon entering, you must choose between two blue or red pills, in an obvious and clear nod to one of the most iconic scenes from the original film.

Either of the two options chosen shows a small teaser, a preview of the trailer that will be shown on September 9. Now, the interesting thing is that each teaser It has a narration in which the real time of the moment in which the video is observed is mentioned. The overlap of the voice with the exact time is more noticeable in one of the two videos, but probably for the vast majority this will be imperceptible.

The images of the film seen in the videos seek to point to the nostalgia caused by the first film of the original trilogy. Several of the scenes shown are basically references to what was seen before, which by no means seems like a bad idea.

The Matrix Resurrections will again have Keanu Reeves playing Thomas Anderson, who apparently does not remember anything of what happened years before and who only takes a few blue pills as a prescription. But on his way he meets Trinity (a role that is once again in the hands of Carrie Anne Mose) and for some reason that will be revealed in the film, he ends up taking a red pill that will make his whole world change again.

The premiere of The Matrix Resurrections will be next December 22 both in cinemas and in the service of streaming HBO Max.

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