Thursday, October 6

The Matrix Resurrections will arrive at dawn on HBO Max | Digital Trends Spanish

The premiere of The Matrix Resurrections has fans in suspense before the indicated date, just before Christmas. However, those planning to see it on HBO Max will have to wait until early Wednesday morning, as the premiere will arrive late at night for everyone except people near the Pacific.

The Matrix Resurrections It will be available starting at 12:01 am (Pacific time) or 3 am (Eastern time). In previous releases, HBO has made some concessions and released the movies a few hours ahead of time, but in this case there will be no exception.

Either way, this won’t be an impediment to many fans who will stay up late to check out the new. Matrix barely available. And that will bring some consequences that could be disastrous for those who do not want spoilers but who use social networks, because especially on Twitter we know what happens with important premieres: there are people who, by mistake or malicious intent, give details of what It happens in new movies.

The Matrix Resurrections It is one of the great premieres of the year. In addition, the first installment is part of the popular film culture and this fourth part promises to live up to what the original story was.

Whatever the case, those who want to see her on HBO Max will have to wait until the early hours of December 22, perhaps with one marathon of the previous three. Or, they will be able to watch it after living the interactive experience that was launched for the new consoles.

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