Thursday, July 29

The mattresses of La Moncloa

It is not as poetic as ‘The bridges of Madison’, but this is not a column of love, just a story of mattresses, even, to continue with the cinema, of distant mattresses.

According to its protagonist, the first thing Pedro Sánchez did when he arrived at La Moncloa was to change the mattress; I would have done the same. For many reasons, but above all because, according to tradition, two who lie down on the same mattress become the same condition. And it is not said that it has to be at the same time, together, that is, the mattress matters, it prints character.

I suppose I would also change the cook, the food tastes do not have to be the same either. Apparently Pedro Sánchez is a lot of steak to the point. I could have sworn that that guy who looks around Europe was more of grilled sole.

That has been said, prompted by another claim that had never occurred. They ran through the court to say, with algazaras and their inks, that Minister Garzón was going to take away the meat from us and that he was thus attacking a sector as patriotic as the intensive cattle rancher, more bovine and white pig than anything else.

His regular companions also jumped into the grill defending the virtues of the national consumption of meat – much of it imported -, with a clean brush, without further argument than a communist had said, who, by the way, had not said what they said he had said. . Even one of the usual critical team dared to take a historical excursion – which does not stand up to the paleoanthropological evidence – on the consumption of meat throughout humanity, with no impediment other than his ignorance.

The consensus of science and international organizations agree with the minister and take it away from steak patriotism

Simply with a brief navigation on the History of Food by Jean-Louis Flandrin, I would have had enough, although I could have also consulted works and cookbooks, from Apicius to the Anonymous Andalusian translated by Huici Miranda and other such fruitful literature.

Anyway, a country that denies scientific evidence on the environment and sustainable food suddenly came to light, as Rajoy’s cousins, and only because of a revolt ad hominem against the person of a communist. But the consensus of science and international organizations agree with the minister and take it away from steak patriotism.

Sánchez, a la Torrente, publicly revealed his physiology of steak taste because it came from his soul or because his now-ceased whispered spin doctor. About tastes there is nothing written; about health, a lot. Ibn Zuhr, or Avenzoar, the Sevillian doctor in fashion in Europe in the 12th century, in his Treatise on Food, Kitab To the Agdiya, already warned us that the roasts were not good and were difficult to digest. Even in the Atapuerca diet – anthropologists acknowledge – these bad habits were already observed. The diseases of the excessive consumption of meat, until now, had been a thing of kings, home also of the nouveau riche. But hey, I will not extend myself, it will be for another day.

I think Pedro Sánchez has slipped lightly in the confession of his preferences; It was not pertinent and not even for the purposes of those who wanted to see in his gesture an advance of the profiles of his remodeling of Government due to the fall of his minister.

The non petita defense of Sánchez’s steak has been at the height of other cocky defenses of the right-wing wine, glass and cigar waitress

First, it has weakened its government by conveying a sense of internal misrule and lack of confidence; second, it has lost reputation by contradicting itself with its own projects, presented with great fanfare weeks before, the Spain 2050 Plan, which says what the Minister of Consumption did; third, it has been exposed to the international institutional consensus and its great challenges and commitments, that is, WHO, FAO, the Paris Agreement, the European Commission and a long etcetera both in terms of body and environmental health.

Sánchez does not sleep on the same mattress as Aznar and Rajoy, but it should not be the mattress but the bedroom, a kind of scenic aura. The defense no N petite del ribeye has been at the height of other cocky defenses of the right-hand innkeeper for wines, glasses and cigars. Some might even think that the three are of the same condition, diet and manners, and that they could soon appear in another updated photo of Casa Lucio. Or even that the PSOE is omnivorous.

And all for a steak.

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