Saturday, October 16

The mayor of Agolada resigns to declare a holiday the day he won the elections

May 26, the date of the last municipal elections, will not be a holiday in the Pontevedra municipality of Agolada. The mayor, Luis Calvo, has backed down in his plan to declare the day in which he seized the command baton of this City Council of the O Deza region as a holiday.

The councilor has withdrawn the proposal that was going to be discussed in the plenary session held on the morning of this Thursday and in which the declaration of local holidays for next year was addressed. It included, in addition to June 29, the day of Saint Peter and local patron, May 26 to commemorate the date of the 2019 elections in which Luis Calvo’s Anti-Corruption and Justice Party (PAYJ) achieved an absolute majority.

Defined by the councilor himself as “liberation day”, Calvo wanted that day to be festive, but he withdrew the proposal at the last minute and it was not debated. The only explanation that the mayor gave for this change is that he had made “a mistake.”

In the opinion of the PP spokesperson, Carmen Seijas, what happened shows her “cowardice” for backing down after “shaming the people of Agolada” with an approach “that has had national media repercussions.” For the mayor of the only opposition group – the mayor’s formation has seven councilors and the PP the remaining four – Calvo’s claim was “a cacicada more typical of Francoism” that has meant “an insult” for the residents Township.

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