Saturday, June 10

The mayor of Alcorcón rules out resigning after being sentenced for the bankruptcy of the public housing company

The mayor of Alcorcón, Natalia de Andrés (PSOE), announced this Wednesday that she will appeal the sentence that condemns her for the bankruptcy of the Municipal Real Estate Management Company of Alcorcón (Emgiasa) for “not adjusting to the reality of the facts” and has ruled out resigning given that the imposed disqualification applies only to the commercial field and does not affect his political position.

In a sentence that was made public yesterday, the Mercantile Court number 6 of Madrid condemned De Andrés, for the bankruptcy of the aforementioned public company at the time when Enrique Cascallana was in charge of the Mayor’s Office and she was one of the administrators of the business.

After noting that they will apply the resolution, the mayor has criticized that the judge based his decision on “relevant accounting irregularities” when it is “obvious” that “the Board of Directors did not carry out this task because politicians should not intervene” in this matter.

“All the agreements went with favorable technical and economic reports. The sentence does not adjust to the reality of the facts,” he asserted.

In this line, he stressed that the Alcorcón City Council has returned “every last cent” of the dividend distribution and has not kept a penny. Therefore, they will appeal the sentence considering that there are grounds for challenging it.

De Andrés has insisted that the disqualification does not affect his function in the Consistory or his position, since it is strictly applied in the commercial field. To make sure of such an end, he has requested a report from the legal advisor and the municipal secretary to support this thesis.

“We are going to appeal and I am convinced that the courts will agree with us. We have always defended that the management of the company was worth it for thousands of young people to have access to housing at an affordable price,” she stressed.

Next, he attributed the cause to a “political instrument of the previous government to attack his political opponents.” “The sentence does not determine the commission of any crime or diversion of assets or a single euro, not like in Pozuelo or Ovadilla del Monte”, he has settled.

Wrapped up by your party

On whether she rules out resigning, she replied that she reiterates that the sentence does not imply her resignation as mayor, since it applies only in the commercial field.

“There is no point in raising that resignation because I am not sentenced to disqualification from public office in any case. If I had indicated that I had to resign, it would not even be an option,” he stressed, for which he has asked that it not be misrepresented which is not a disqualification to hold public office.

On the other hand, she stressed that “of course” she feels supported by her party, since numerous people have shown their support for her and she has spoken with the PSOE general secretary in Madrid, Juan Lobato, to whom she has given “all the explanations ” and is “very convinced that he is very calm with this situation.”