Monday, September 27

The mayor of Caracas resigns from her position due to rumors of embezzlement




When there are barely three months left for Chavismo to hold the regional elections with which they will elect new governors and mayors, the mayoress of Caracas, Erika Farias, (elected in December 2017) resigned from her position this Friday. According to some local media, the Chavista official resigned for being under a procedure for alleged “embezzlement during his tenure». However, in his resignation letter, shared through his Twitter account, Farías assured that in his administration “he has been able to stay strong on the path followed (sic) by Commander Chávez under the irreducible leadership of our President Nicolás Maduro Moros. ».

The now former mayor has not been considered in the latest changes that Maduro made in his ministerial cabinet, and the bases of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) turned their backs on August 8 when the primaries were held to elect the candidates who will participate on November 21.

In this way, the Chavista explained in the document that she handed over the position before the elections in order to «contribute“With” the preparation of the patriotic forces for a new victory, “and has said that he is available as a militant of the so-called Bolivarian revolution. In her place has been the councilor Beatriz Rodríguez.

Farías, 48, is described by the people of Caracas as “The worst” mayor of the capital city, for neglecting the needs of Caracas, especially water and electricity services. Through social networks, people showed sarcasm for the announcement, ensuring that they met the mayor the day she resigned, and followed by strong criticism of her management.

Before reaching the mayor of Caracas, Farías was governor of the state Cojedes (western Venezuela) and minister for the Communes. The Psuv militant has also been on the list of Chavista officials sanctioned by the Government of Canada since 2018.

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