Wednesday, May 25

The mayor of Granada resigns a month after the abandonment of the majority of councilors of PP and Cs

And a month later he resigned. Luis Salvador has ceased to be mayor of Granada, as he himself announced in a press conference called urgently this Thursday morning. The councilor, who had been in office for 22 days in an absolute minority, after the resignation en bloc of almost his entire government team except for one councilor, has taken a step aside to unblock the situation in the Consistory.

One mayor against all: two weeks that have dynamited the bipartisan Citizens and PP in Granada

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His resignation has not come alone because Luis Salvador has also announced that both he and his only remaining councilor, José Antonio Huertas, will support the PSOE as the most voted list in the 2019 elections to reach the mayor of Granada. That is, the ex-mayor, Francisco Cuenca, would return to direct the city two years later. For that to happen, a plenary session must be held in the coming days.