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The mayor of Miami will receive his salary entirely in bitcoin

Miami Mayor Francis Suárez has announced on his Twitter profile that he will receive his next salary 100% in bitcoin. In this way, the mayor who wants to turn the city he manages into a global benchmark for cryptocurrency technology, responded to a question previously posed by Anthony Pompliano. The well-known crypto analyst interrogated in a tweet about who would be the first American politician to accept his salary in bitcoin.

Miami mayor to collect his salary in bitcoin

The mayor asked Mike Sarasti, Miami’s director of innovation, how he could help, and he responded in a tweet that he had forwarded a link to sign up to the Strike payment platform. At the same time, Sarasti explained that last week she had received a part of her payroll at bitcon and that everything was perfect.

Miami mayor proposes using bitcoin to pay municipal taxes and salaries


Similarly, in September, the mayor announced that MiamiCoin (MIA), a cryptocurrency developed by CityCoins for Miami, had generated $ 5 million for the city in the last 30 days.
Suárez indicated that MiamiCoin was creating a revolutionary concept in the city, by becoming a way to obtain financing.

MiamiCoin, the cryptocurrency to finance the city, generates $ 5 million in a month

The mayor explained that the profits were made possible by MIA’s mining. 30% of MIA’s mining profits go to a designated digital wallet for the city. The remaining 70% are the earnings of the miners. Earnings are allocated in Stacks STX tokens, which are trading at a current value of $ 1.96 per unit.

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