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The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, will aspire to be the first president of France

The mayor of Paris, the socialist Anne Hidalgo, has launched this Sunday in the race for the Elysee with the promise of rebuilding the equal opportunities that has allowed her to be what she is, but with very limited perspectives in a scenario of a very diminished and fragmented left.

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Hidalgo asserted, in a declaration of candidacy in Rouen before a group of militants, his biography of an immigrant in a Spanish family of modest origin in which the motto of the French Republic of freedom, equality and fraternity has been materialized. “I have come to tell you about France. About me, a French woman born in Spain, who came to our country at the age of two, who grew up in Lyon in a popular neighborhood,” he said before naming his father, a worker in the Cadiz shipyards. , to his mother, a seamstress, and to his grandfather, sentenced to death by a Francoist military court who transmitted to his son “love for France.”

This 62-year-old Franco-Spanish, who has been in charge of the Paris City Council since 2014, said she was concerned about her adopted country because “the republican model is disintegrating and with it the protections it has built throughout our history.” In his opinion, freedoms are reduced, injustices increase and the country “is divided into hostile groups, into separate communities, into factions that express their bitterness and anger, sometimes with so much violence.”

Equal opportunities

Her recipe is to offer everyone the opportunities that she had, after a mandate from the current president, Emmanuel Macron, who “had to solve social problems, he has aggravated them. He had to protect our planet, but he has turned his back on ecology.” Although he preferred not to detail his program yet, Hidalgo did establish some of what will be the main points, and without surprises the ecological transition and the purchasing power of officials and workers are at the top.

Hidalgo chose Rouen for this fundamental speech because he knows that one of its weaknesses for its national projection is that it is associated with the interests of Parisians, in many cases far removed from the concerns of the inhabitants of the rest of the country. Rouen is a city with a strong industrial and port imprint, like its native San Fernando in Cádiz, which has a socialist mayor, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, who, like her in Paris, has made a clear commitment to environmentalist policies of rupture.

A book-program for this week

His statement comes three days before a book that doubles as a program, a classic in French politics, goes on sale. According to what has been leaked, in ‘Une femme française’ he presents some of his priorities, starting with the evidence of “the ecological transition” that should not be done “to the detriment of the middle classes and the popular categories”.

His candidacy was an open secret for many weeks and the final date of the announcement is also a consequence of the context of the campaign, with a flourishing of suitors to the Elysee who have made themselves known and thus settle in the polls of the demoscopic institutes , with what that means of public visibility. So far, these institutes have given her a voting intention that ranges from 5 to 9%, tremendously insufficient to even aspire to qualify for the second round of the elections.

A diminished and fragmented left

Beyond the duel that these polls anticipate between the current president, Emmanuel Macron, and the leader of the extreme right, Marine Le Pen -as in 2017-, in the current circumstances unattainable for Hidalgo, he will have to deal with strong competition between him. traditional left-wing electorate, which political scientists also consider to be a minority and highly fragmented. There is the leader of the Insubordinate France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the communist Fabien Roussel, the ex-socialist Arnaud Montebourg and, above all, the one who wins the environmental primaries that end on the 28th, for which Yannick Jadot is the favorite.

Faced with that mountain, his appointment by the Socialist Party in an internal election after the congress scheduled for next weekend may seem like a bed of roses, considering that he has the backing of his first secretary, Olivier Faure, from the outset.

The Franco-Spanish, who will continue to lead the Paris City Council, now intends to be seen and that happens through a series of interviews in the next few days in the media, starting tonight with the news of the public channel highest rated, France 2.

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