Wednesday, October 20

The mayor of Sanxenxo points out the doctors before the fifth wave and accuses them of “neglecting their work”

The Mayor of Sanxenxo, Telmo Martín, has decided that doctors are part of the problem in the lack of control of COVID infections registered in the best-known holiday town in Galicia. Martín this Monday accused the doctors of forgetting their responsibilities and being more focused on “doing politics.” With an incidence of more than 2,000 cases in 14 days and located in the club of 12 Galician municipalities in an extreme level of restrictions, Sanxenxo assumes a care burden well above the population registered but the first mayor of the town has decided to face the problem facing doctors who request reinforcements for the Health Center and the Continuous Care Point (PAC), from those who attend to neighbors and bathers.

Sanxenxo becomes entrenched as the zero zone of the coronavirus in Galicia in the middle of the tourist season

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The Delegation of the State Confederation of Medical Unions in Galicia (CESM) has already called for Martín’s resignation, for “accusing health workers of doing politics and neglecting their work.” Through a press release, CESM criticizes that the councilor “accused the health workers of the PAC and the Sanxenxo-Baltar Health Center of engaging in politics and neglecting their professional work.”

According to the statement from the medical organization, Martín spoke the following words: “I am against some who are doing things very badly because they feel like it, and they don’t deserve the job they have.” For this reason, CESM expresses “its most energetic rejection” of statements that it sees as “incomprehensible, irresponsible and absolutely inconsiderate and unfair”, both with “the professionals of the PAC and the Sanxenxo-Baltar Health Center and with the citizens of the town. and with the thousands of tourists and visitors “who visit the area every summer” and deserve dignified and decisive attention. ”

The mayor, CESM recalls, made these demonstrations as a result of the request that the socialist councilor Ainhoa ​​Fervenza transferred to him regarding a meeting that the health workers asked him almost a year ago, to expose the need to reinforce the health personnel in Primary Care, and ” avoid the collapse suffered by the service, which with the arrival of thousands of tourists would worsen “.

Thus, CESM Galicia affirms that “professionals are absolutely involved in their work” and, he adds, “the only thing they demand is the essential means to be able to perform their function and serve the people who need it with dignity, efficiency and quality”. For this reason, this medical union concludes that “with this attitude, Telmo Martín delegitimizes himself as the highest representative of the citizens of Sanxenxo, which does not seem to be his priority concern,” so, according to CESM, “the most dignified thing would be for him to present his resignation”.