Sunday, December 4

The mayor of the PP in Marbella on the prosecution of her husband: “Elections are close and the fair has gone very well”

The councilor of Marbella (Málaga), Ángeles Muñoz, has reiterated that in the prosecution of her husband in a case of the National High Court – advanced by – there is “nothing from the City Council or anything as mayor”. “The elections are close”, she added. Judge Manuel García Castellón has prosecuted the mayor’s husband for the alleged crimes of money laundering and criminal organization within the framework of an alleged network led by Swedish citizens who would have exported large quantities of drugs from Spain, especially marijuana and hashish, towards the Nordic countries, especially Sweden.

A company owned by the mayor of Marbella invested 3.1 million in a Luxembourg bank in 2010

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“There is absolutely nothing of mine as the mayor or of course within the scope of the City Council,” Muñoz asserted, pointing out that the dismissal to which he has appealed “is absolutely clear from the first moment.”

“There are those who want to insist again, we already know that there is interest, there are elections close and the fair has gone very well. From there it is clear that there is a group that has a special interest”, she concluded.

In this same sense, the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, has spoken, emphasizing that “it has nothing to do with the government or with municipal management” nor “in the political sphere with the mayor herself, it does not affect her management”. “He is someone outside this administration,” he reiterated, pointing out that “it does not affect the City Council at all.”

Romero has said that “it is evident that there is a certain political intent.” “It is something that usually happens every four years, we have been with soap operas of this type for 15 years every time the elections are approaching”, he pointed out, insisting that “it has nothing to do with the City Council” and that in that car “ As far as I understand, what is being done is to paralyze the judicial procedure on some people who have nothing to do with the municipal management or the mayor”.

He pointed out that “if someone wants to see how the City Council works, they only have to look at the success of the organization of the San Pedro Fair” and the recovery “thanks to the management of the mayor” of a plot of 81,000 square meters “which also was associated with the image of corruption” for the permanent fairgrounds.

This has been put as an example of the management of the councilor and the government team, emphasizing that “the rest is a ‘déjà vu’, going back to the same because elections are approaching, trying to confuse citizens because there is no new news nor does it affect municipal management”. In this regard, he has lamented that “everything will be manipulated when we reach an election situation.”