Thursday, October 6

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, challenges Almeida to a break dance duel

The rivalry that Abel Caballero insists on establishing between Madrid and Vigo has reached a new level. Gone is the pique constantly fed by the mayor of the main city of Galicia on account of the Christmas lights of Vigo and those of Madrid or New York.

On this occasion, Caballero has launched a challenge to his counterpart from Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, whom he has challenged to a duel of break dance. The órdago launched by the unclassifiable politician from Vigo has occurred during the celebration of one of the events of the urban culture festival, O Marisquiño, which is being held these days in the main city of Galicia. In our cultural agenda you can consult the program of the event.

This wording ignores the reasons that have led the mayor of Vigo to consider that victory is assured for him in the event that Almeida accepts the bizarre proposal. He himself has shared another video on his social networks about what Caballero considers a good performance by break dancewith options to challenge others on the dance floor.

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