Monday, July 4

The mayor’s cousin denied before the judge that he had consulted with Almeida: “My cousin should have been involved in more complex issues”

The cousin of the mayor of Madrid, Carlos Martínez-Almeida, acknowledged to the judge in the mask case that he assumed that if Luis Medina approached him it was “because of my status as a relative of the mayor of Madrid” but he categorically refused to talk about this matter with his cousin the alderman: “No, I have never spoken with him, at no time, it seemed obvious to me that my cousin should be in more complex issues”, he has said to justify why he contacted the general coordinator of the mayor’s office of the Madrid City Council and not directly with your relative.

Medina’s former teacher declares that Almeida’s cousin offered to contact the commissioner

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In his statement, to which has had access, Carlos Martínez-Almeida explained how María Díaz de la Cebosa, former university professor of Luis Medina Abascal, contacted him. “He tells me about the situation that we all know we were experiencing at that time and he says that there is a former student from his university who wants to help in this situation and has the possibility, because he has experience in trade with China, of providing medical supplies to public administrations in Madrid”.

At that time he decided to contact Matilde García, his cousin’s right-hand man in the council, because they had been in a relationship for “15 years” since “she is a classmate of the mayor’s state law class.” He talked to her, provided her mail and he called Medina to give it to her. “I did not know, I know absolutely nothing about this matter after having provided the email,” he explained, emphasizing that he did not know that they were going to charge commissions or how the subsequent negotiations took place. “I do not have the slightest interest in helping either María Díaz de la Cebosa or Luis Medina, I think that if this can serve so that the Madrid City Council can have access to protection material…” said Carlos Martínez- Almeida.

Luis Medina called him again because no one was answering him and he contacted Matilde García again. “I check that the email is correct and I tell him, hey Luis…”, she explained. At another point in his statement, to questions from the lawyer for the popular prosecution of Podemos, he states: “All the reference he makes is to the situation so complex that there is already his possibility of helping”, denying on several occasions that he knew that Medina was to do business or collect commissions.

Why did they contact him? Carlos Martínez-Almeida explained that the mayor has “a normal cousin relationship” with his cousin and that María Díaz de la Cebosa contacted him at Luis Medina’s request for help because of her family relationship with the mayor. “I want to assume that he was the closest person, so to speak, to the Madrid City Council due to my status as a relative of the mayor of Madrid,” she acknowledges. But she never spoke to him about the matter, but went to Matilde García. “I went to her because I thought that Matilde was going to give me a more correct answer and it seemed obvious to me that my cousin should be involved in more complex issues,” he explained.