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The mayors’ trend pro Bitcoin: New York already has Eric Adams

Miami and New York, two of the most iconic cities in the United States, are ruled by pro-Bitcoin mayors. The Big Apple has as of Tuesday a friendly mayor with the main cryptocurrency. Eric Adams, who won the city elections with more than 72% of the votes, he said in a campaign that if he won the elections he would make New York the world’s reference crypto city. Adams He assured that he would work tirelessly to drive development and innovation in the city and that Bitcoin would be at the forefront of all new changes. Like the mayor of Miami, who just announced that he will receive his salary entirely in bitcoin, Adams assured that he would make New York the global center of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mayors, also in New York

Adams, 61, is New York’s first pro-Bitcoin mayor and the second African-American. Adams’s victory has been very well received by the crypto community, which is eager to cement the promising future of cryptocurrency. On Adams’s victory, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and BitInstant, has already said that exciting times are ahead for the industry.

The mayor of Miami will receive his salary entirely in bitcoin

Adams joins the long list of American mayors, governors, and politicians championing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology and innovation. Like Francis Suarez, Miami councilor, the new mayor of New York has always been a great defender of Bitcoin. Now it will be necessary to see, if as Suarez has done, Adams also plans to turn the city into a global reference Bitcoin mining center. What seems clear is that both cities will compete for the leadership of technological innovation. In any case, Adams has already said that he will start a friendly competition with Suarez to take over the leadership of Bitcoin in the United States.

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Governors and politicians in favor of Bitcoin

Another mayor who has also shown his sympathy for Bitcoin is Scott Conger, a councilor for the city of Jackson (Tennessee). Conger reported last July on his plans to adopt Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology in the city. The mayor of Jackson announced that he had created a task force to study these new technologies and that residents could possibly soon use crypto assets, such as BTC, to pay their taxes. Conger also believes that Bitcoin could be adopted as a means of payment and investment asset to protect the value of its citizens from the current inflation. Conger believes in the revaluation potential of cryptocurrencies and believes that they can be an engine for development and innovation.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also shares an opinion with Adams, Suarez and Conger. Polis wants to adopt Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the state and that it can be used for the payment of state taxes, mining and investment.

Wyoming, the oasis of cryptocurrencies and US DAOs

Other US states, such as Wyoming and Texas, also support cryptocurrency and new technology innovation. Wyoming regulators introduced new legislation to legally recognize DAOs in the state, while Texas is emerging as a mining powerhouse. Likewise, US Senator Cynthia Lummis, representative of the state of Wyoming in the Senate, is inviting Bitcoin miners to settle in her state.

Regulators in New York

Although the Adams campaign was very promising in terms of driving Bitcoin adoption in the city, it now remains to be seen if it will deliver on its promises. Keep in mind that New York regulators have not been entirely friendly with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Last month, the New York Attorney General’s Office ordered two crypto companies to shut down their operations in the state. In February, it forced Tether Limited to suspend operations with USDT and to submit frequent transparency reports. In September, the CFTC accused 12 state-based cryptocurrency companies of not being properly registered with the regulator.

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United States and cryptocurrencies

Overall, the crypto industry seems to have a great future in the United States. Currently, the country is a leader in Bitcoin mining, with more than 35% of the hash power of this network in its territory. Likewise, the financial and digital infrastructure that exists in its territory makes this nation the most prepared in the world for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. At least that is how the statistics of the Índice Crypto-Ready de Crypto Head de 2021.

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Interest in crypto assets grew 140% in the middle of the year and 13% of the country’s adults they affirm have investments in BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

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