Tuesday, January 25

The McWin fund enters as one of the major shareholders of one of the world’s leading FoodTech companies

McWin Food Ecosystem, the fund created by Henry McGovern and Steven K. Winegar, founder of AmRest and co-founder of Grupo Zena, respectively, joins the shareholders of the US company that is the market leader in fermentation, engineering, manufacturing and protein creation processes real, non-animal, for the food industry The Every Company, becoming one of the main shareholders of one of the most important FoodTech in the world.

McWin, which has Nortia Capital as a reference investor and has several investors, including some Spanish ones, has led a Series C financing round together with Rage Capital -which was already part of the shareholders of the company- in which they have raised 175 million dollars.

In addition, leading firms such as Temasek, Wheatsheaf Group, TO Ventures and Prosus Ventures, among others, have participated in the round. The round has been widely oversubscribed in an environment where the demand for alternative proteins has grown enormously and where the ingredients industry needs to catch up and where The Every Company is positioned as the benchmark candidate to fill that gap.

With this operation, McWin takes a step forward in its commitment to advance sustainability, the transformation of the global food system and its transition to a non-animal protein sector. With this operation, the financing of The Every Company reaches 233 million dollars.

The company plans to use these funds to scale production, accelerate commercial launches, initially in the US, build a strong portfolio of non-animal protein products and develop a wide range of new uses and food applications.

The Every Company has disrupted the food technology industry by creating a real protein-producing platform without using a single animal for it. Last year, the company launched the first non-animal pepsin with Ingredion.

More recently, it has launched the first non-animal egg protein using exclusively fermentation techniques. The Every Company hopes to continue expanding its production base, using its egg proteome, for the creation of new hyperfunctional proteins.

“The restaurant industry is one of the pioneers in the implementation of new technologies in food and in bringing these closer to the consumer. Due to our extensive and deep experience in restaurants, we have been very well accepted as investors in companies that manufacture alternative proteins. Our contribution to this favorable reception will be the contribution of added value derived from our knowledge of the sector ”, explains Henry McGovern.

“Eggs are not only present in a multitude of products, but they are also incredibly difficult to replace; so we firmly believe in the tremendous potential of The Every Company’s revolutionary technology ”, he concludes.

“There has never been a better time to be a B2B ingredient platform,” says Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of The Every Company. “As the world’s largest food companies work to adapt their product offerings to the 21st century by creating cleaner, greener and more sustainable brands and product lines, the options available are few and far between. We are perfectly positioned for companies large and small to make the transition to an animal-free food future. Now, our objective is to scale the platform to fulfill our promise to consolidate our advantage of having been pioneers and, without a doubt, this injection of capital will allow us to do so, ”says Elizondo.